Sad and lonely always

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If I give you a second chance to understand and you don’t, I will question you and the role you play in my life.

I will miss you like I do now, but youre hurting me by choosing to not listen.

I want to go now please

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you are fireworks lit at sunriseyou are summer moonrise

does his love make your head spin?
(You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are - Keaton Henson)

R. Mcginley

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Would losing me even be a loss?

— (All I wonder)

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today an old lady got mad at me because she was going on about how “disgusting” this artwork was so i asked her “why is it disgusting? any good reason?” - she rolled her eyes at me and stormed off

Get these feels of leaving people weeks prior an I have never been wrong in the timing of when things end

(overdose of post tonight im going to stop now)

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